Parkinson’s Disease

Weber Physical Therapy and Wellness is the only Physical Therapist in Southeast Idaho that is certified in LSVT BIG treatment and BIG for LIFE Exercise programs for people with Parkinson’s Disease.  LSVT BIG is a physical Therapy Treatment program that is designed to improve your walking, balance, activities of daily living and therefore, your overall quality of life.  After undergoing LSVT BIG treatment, patients are encouraged to partake in regular exercise programming to maintain the gains that they have made during treatment.  BIG for LIFE, which is a fitness program instructed by Carolyn Weber, is specifically designed to help you maintain your gains after LSVT BIG treatment.  There are additional group exercise options available through the Pocatello Area Parkinson’s Support Group.  To learn more about LSVT BIG, BIG for LIFE or view other community resources for people with Parkinson’s Disease, please review the links below.

LSVT BIG Treatment for Parkinson’s and other neurologic conditions

BIG for LIFE Exercise programming for LSVT BIG graduates

Respiratory Muscle Training for Parkinson’s Disease: Improve your breathing, swallowing and voice production

Other resources for Parkinson’s Disease


Poky for Parkys, group boxing class at the Pocatello, Idaho, Senior Citizen Activity Center