BIG for LIFE Exercise Program for Parkinson’s Disease

What is BIG for LIFE?

BIG for LIFE is an exercise program for people who have previously completed the individual LSVT BIG treatment protocol with their physical therapist or occupational therapist.

What are the goals of BIG for LIFE?

**To keep you motivated to practice your LSVT BIG Home Exercise Program

**To allow you to practice your BIG movements

**To have fun while exercising in a safe setting with a BIG for LIFE qualified instructor

**To maintain the improvements that you have made during your 4 weeks of LSVT BIG therapy.

Who can participate in BIG for LIFE?

Anyone who has received LSVT BIG treatment for a minimum of 4 days per week for 4 weeks (16 hours total of treatment by a certified therapist).  It is recommended that you have completed an LSVT BIG treatment within the last 12 months.  You need to be able to tolerate moderate to vigorous exercise.  If new medical complications have arisen since your last LSVT BIG treatment, you may need to provide medical clearance from your physician declaring you are safe to exercise.

What will I do in BIG for LIFE?

**practice LSVT BIG maximal daily exercises in ways that are designed to keep you challenged!

**practice functional movements and activities

**walk BIG!

** Try other fun activities that are focused on moving BIG!

** Have fun!

How much does BIG for LIFE cost?  Will my insurance cover it?

BIG for LIFE is a fitness program—not insurance based, physical therapy.  Therefore, BIG for LIFE will not be billed to your insurance plan.  However, you may check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you the costs of the BIG for LIFE program.

For the current cost of BIG for LIFE sessions, please contact Carolyn at (208) 244-9291 or

How long are BIG for LIFE sessions? How often do they occur?  Where do they occur?

At this time, BIG for LIFE will be offered to groups and individuals on demand.  Have a group that wants to try it? Great! Get in touch to set up a session or more in a location of your choice.  Want to do this as an individual? Great! Get in touch to set up a session or more.  Sessions are always 1 hour.  It is recommended to do BIG for LIFE, one time per week, minimum, assuming you are performing your LSVT BIG exercises on all other days.  If you can’t seem to get motivated to do the exercises on your own, then scheduling BIG for LIFE more than once per week might be a good solution for you!

Who is the instructor?  Carolyn Weber

Still have questions? Please get in touch with Carolyn here.

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