Parkinson’s Disease Resources

Pocatello Parkinson’s Support Group

There are resources in your community to help you live a better life with Parkinson’s Disease being lead by the Pocatello Parkinson’s Support Group.  This group is a wonderful bunch of people who share knowledge about living with Parkinson’s Disease, network with healthcare experts to bring the best information to you, organize and par take in group exercise programs that have been proven to walk back the symptoms of PD and who just enjoy the camaraderie of being together.  If you or a loved one is fighting PD, please consider joining the support group for some of their activities—and most importantly, know that you are NOT alone in your journey with Parkinson’ Disease.  See image below for specifics on events being organized and sponsored by the Support Group.



LSVT Big Training DVD’s to enhance your homework practice sessions

If you are undergoing LSVT Big(R) Training, you may want some help with your exercise homework.  Below, are two great DVD’s made by the creators of LSVT Big that can lead you through your homework.  Make sure that you know whether you are doing the Standard LSVT Big(R) exercises or the Adapted LSVT Big(R) exercises.  Please contact your physical therapist if you don’t know which program you are doing.

If you are doing the standard LSVT Big program, you will want to purchase the DVD below (click on the image below to purchase):

If you are doing the ADAPTED LSVT Big program, you will want to purchase the DVD below (click on the image to purchase):


Losing your voice?  Difficulty breathing or swallowing?  It might be time for Respiratory muscle strength training!

Parkinson’s Disease also affects the respiratory muscles which can make swallowing, breathing and speaking more difficult as the disease progresses.  This enhances the risk of one’s likelihood of aspirating food and having pulmonary infection.  Decline of respiratory muscles also greatly impacts quality of life, reducing endurance with daily activities and ability to speak.  The good news is that your respiratory muscles can be trained like the muscles in the rest of your body.  In a study performed by Sapienza et al. 2011, they found that in as little as 4 weeks of respiratory muscle strength training, people with Parkinson’s Disease were able to increase their maximum expiratory pressure (a measure of the force of the air you exhale!) increased by 27%!  Respiratory strength training can be completed using a device such as the Breather RMT (Respiratory Muscle Training device.  Click on image below for more information and to purchase.  You can double check, but such devices are generally not covered by your health insurance.  For information on how to use this device and an exercise program, please get in touch with Weber Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Reference cited:
Sapienza et al. 2011. Respiratory Strength Training: Concept and Intervention Outcomes. Seminars in Speech and Language, 32(1): 21-30.